Beats by Dr. Noise

I could feel the tissue of my eardrum vibrate within my ear, as the sound pierced through my head and into my skull, into my brain and into my veins. I hold my hands to cover my ears at first. Then I press them onto my ears in order to block out more of the sound. It’s so freezing loud that I’m almost crushing my skull in an attempt to diffuse the loudness with my hands. I feel strange at the moment. And the person next to me is seemingly asleep. A man, whose head is covered with a hat that is also extended to his face, supposedly to cover his shame of tiredness at this not-so-late hour. To me, it’s impossible to sleep in that environment. In that madness.

Lemme describe the madness for you. It stings. It hurts, and my eyes seem to pop out of their sockets with each beat of the speakers. It’s not music. It simply isn’t music when all you hear is a constant bass from the speakers, and it’s as if the driver of the bus is feeding off the roughly tuned sound system. I’m fucking telling you that all you can hear is bass. Do you know such busses, where it’s not music you are bobbling your head to but plain beats that make you feel sick? Yep. A sweat has broken off from my temple and is snaking it’s way to my eye. I want to wipe it away but I cannot remove my hand from my ear, or shit will happen. I thought music was beautiful when you could hear the change in highs and lows and you could flow with the lyrics like a singalong. But this monstrosity is driving me mad….. Arghhh… and I can feel … every cell in my body vibrate … like a freaking bell.

It suddenly stops. It suddenly all stops and all I can feel is the bus moving on the Tarmac. It stops and now all I can feel is a ringing sound. A harsh but constant ring through my ears. I smile. Because I wish I had a gun to shoot up all those fake river road speakers that turn music into some piece of shit.

So, please look down at your dashboard. There is this little thing called the equalizer.

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