Is just another term for A’ight

And it’s the height that makes everything A’ight

I must jump now from this edge

And stretch my hands like a bird

Around the body of this chiq


As my mind elevates


Such a bright light feeling in the mind

Of one where

Height is another term for A’ight


Makes you first, detach yourself

Mind from Body

Body from soul and

Self from Conscious

So that now your body loosens the strings you put on them

And every single feeling is heightened

Rave-like beastiness

Lover-like smoochiness

Hunger-like ufisiness

Hyper-like electricness

Every single cell is made alive in this elevation

To the bone

Only the heightened can feel this

Only the elevated can see these things

These things that make the world insane in the membrane

But stop at this insanity

Where you can believe in any fucking doubt

Where you can be alive and dead in the freaking moment of electrifying sounds of music, and big loud boom boob beats of mystery

Oh my God!

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