Lulu grabbed the sweet whole and pushed it into her mouth whole, after unwrapping it. Her mouth was almost bursting open and she could not really close it well since the sweet was huge. It was the first time she ate a jaw breaker. She couldn’t smile well enough but Mimi and Sisi jiggled in front of her as they watched her try to suck the sweet. It was still day time and Mimi and Sisi knew that their mother would call them up home in a few minutes if they did not show up. And they knew when she did, it would often accompany a cane or two, though they had been called so many times, that their buttocks had already become hard and pain resistant.  Mimi and Sisi were twin brothers. They were not in school because the school was closed for the holidays.

Mimi and Sisi were eight, and the last of a family of five children. They rarely talked to their elder brother or sisters because they were too old for them to share anything in common. So, they confided between themselves… the secrets, the ideas, the grand plans, and of course Lulu, who was a girl from the neighbourhood and who they met while running around in only shorts. At first, they stopped in front of her, and looked at her lovely pink bicycle, that was decorated with pink ribbons and was so shiny. Then, when Lulu stopped in front of them, and excused herself is when they remembered that they were on the way. They laughed and let Lulu pass. Mimi and Sisi looked as she sped away on that bike and they turned to go home before Lulu sped past them and stopped in fron of them. She offered them each a ride before they all went home.

Lulu was funny and cute. And she always challenged Mimi and Sisi for a race on her bike. Mimi and Sisi never had a bike so they ran after her barefoot while she galloped on her bicycle. They would try and catch her. And when Lulu saw that they were losing hope, she would slow down to give them the illusion that they were actually catching up on her, and she would let them pass her before pushing cycling forward pas them again. And they would laugh saying that she was cheating. Other times, she would let them push her in front. They would push hard and she would gain speed before they let her loose and she would scream because they made her go so fast that often at times she would lose control. Mimi and Sisi would laugh their lungs out.

All they did that holiday was to ride her bike and so, when Mimi and Sisi showed Lulu that Jawbreaker for the first time, Lulu begged them to give her. They laughed at her pleas, but when they saw that Lulu was almost crying, they couldn’t bring themselves to see tears roll down her eyes. When she grabbed the thing, she just tore the wrapper open and threw it into her mouth. Mimi and Sisi watched with curious eyes how long it took for her to consume it whole. Lulu was excited, and kept moving it from side to side in her mouth, as Mimi and Sisi pushed it from one cheek to another with their fingers. .Before finally, Lulu felt a soft gushiness in her mouth, and she began to bite into it. That chewing gum, and Mimi and Sisi knew that she had finished it.

It was now time to go home, as they had watched Lulu eat that thing. By the time that Lulu was done, they had forgotten where they had got it from. It was stolen from the shop close by. Mimi had distracted the shopkeeper by asking for a free banana. And while the shop keeper was busy chasing Mimi away, Sisi had slipped into one of the jars in the shop and taken one of the jawbreakers.

Mimi and Sisi turned to run back home before Lulu would catch them on her bike. But Mimi first felt a tug on his shoulder, and Sisi stopped in his steps. It was Lulu. She pulled Mimi towards him and pushed her lips to his, before running over to Sisi and doing the same. She giggled a little before getting on her bike and leaving the two like statues on the road. She rode off away, her pink braids swaying on her back. Mimi and Sisi looked at each other for a second or two and on realizing that Lulu was away, ran after her.

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