Joe could feel as his teeth clenched together, his eyelids rolled close to shutting themselves as the little grain of pink formed around his nose. Joe twisted and turned, trying not to let it slip loose, until the only thing he could hear was his heartbeat. He had tried it several times before bur his hand slipped from the grip. Clearly, he was putting all his effort into this. He was determined to succeed this time.

Joe didn’t have time to think of physics class right now but he really needed friction to work right now. This bottle of Soda and its fate in his stomach depended on it. With a small whizz, then a small eruption of gas from the Soda bottle, let it cool down and after all this effort, only a quarter of the Soda was left. He gulped it down with one sip and threw the glass bottle into the roadside

-a short

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