No Know

“Hello…” Wiko started, stifling a chuckle as he held the phone onto his ear. It was too big for him so he had to place one hand under the phone so that he did hot drop it. He looked at Benja who was biting his fingers in anxiety. They both waited for a voice to come out of the phone. Benja began pacing a little

“Hello??” The voice, brittle but piercing, muffled out of the phone speaker and Wiko did know what to say at first so he mumbled “Hello…” again as he waved on to Benja to come closer. Things were getting chicken shitty right now, and if Wiko didn’t say things as planned. Benja, now as close to him enough to hear Wiko breathe, opened his mouth and stretched his lips up and down, right and left, as his teeth clasped up against each other. Wiko pushed him back a bit and turned away from him to continue with the call.

“Hello…” The voice said again

“Yes Mr. Ogutu, my son Kibe will not come to school today because mother fell ill and wasn’t able to prepare breakfast for him” Benja, now just behind him and leaning towards the phone, broke out into chuckles. He punched Wiko in the back, and Wiko retracted a bit, grinning sheepishly at Benja.

“Excuse me, who am I speaking to please??”

“I am my father…” As Wiko peeped back to Benja, he saw him hold his head, as if someone had died, and he turned away. There was a long silence, silence that Wiko felt too much overbearing before he cut the call.

“You chicken shit!!” Benja blurted out “Your buttocks will burn tomorrow,” Benja said, laughing, as he jumped up and down, mocking Wiko and how he would writhe in pain after a beating tomorrow.

“But you told me to tell him that I am my father”

“Yes, I did, but you are supposed to say “I am Wiko’s father”, anyway God didn’t bless us all with know-know, and it looks like you have none of it at all.”

“You know I can run faster than you, and eat more mangoes than your stomach can ever hold…”

Sindio, but there are different kinds of know-knows and yours is nowhere close to your small head.” Benja hit Wiko on the head with his hand as they came out of the bathroom. Wiko turned back at Benja, and kicked Benja at the leg, then he sped away from him and into his father’s bedroom to put back the phone.

“I will eat you like goat soup you wimp!!” Benja raced behind him, red faced and blowing up.

-a short

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